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2012 Getaway Travel Blog Conference Cape Town

The second Getaway Travel Blog Conference is scheduled to be held on the 4th of August at the Upper Eastside Hotel, Cape Town. This year's event will be offering tourism professionals and travel bloggers practical advice on a wide scope of topics from designing and...

Twitter FollowFriday v2.0 – Cape Town Edition

Wow, it's Friday again already, I hope that you all had a good week and are looking ahead to an interesting weekend. In the spirit of the new style FollowFriday format which I've blogged about before in "Taking Back FollowFriday the Chris Brogan Way", here are a few...

Top 10 Optimization Tips for Quality Landing Page Designs

When it comes to your list of priorities, the design of a quality landing page should be right at the top if you're seeking to turn browsers into buyers. Your awesome new branding and website design may grab their attention initially, but a strong landing page will...

Submit Your Favourite Cape Town Blogs

I'm on the lookout for Cape Town best blogs and am posting this as an open call for you to submit your favourite Cape Town blogs for inclusion in a list I'll be publishing some time in the future when re-launching my Cape Town Social City Guide at

Gamers Rejoice: The N-Control Avenger Gaming Controller is Here

A friend of mine told me about this awesome accessory for your gaming controller this weekend and I had to share it. Hardcore console gamers may just have an awesome new weapon to add to their rigs to improve your skills and boost your scores. The device I'm showing...

Costa Rica – The Perfect Romantic Vacation Destination

I was just reading this post on a client's Costa Rica Vacation Rentals website titled "Valentines Day Recipe for Success in Costa Rica" and realized that I'd not shared this information with you yet. Costa Rica is indeed a fantastic couples travel...

Adventure Travel Themed iPhone 4 HD Wallpapers

I just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a happy 2012 and share a set of adventure travel inspired/themed iPhone wallpaper images I created for the new iPhone 4 HD Retina display while waiting for my new Apple iPhone to arrive. What's new with the iPhone 4 Display?...

Poas Volcano National Park, Costa Rica

A collection of photos taken en-route to and around Poas Volcano in Costa Rica. Weather didn't play along, but the trip was awesome nonetheless. Quick Info Location: Costa Rica Area: 65 km² Established: 25 January 1971 Governing body: National System of...

Modern Japanese Architecture by Tezuka Architects

Ever since visiting Grenada in Nicaragua I've enjoyed the idea of living spaces which feature living spaces designed around a central courtyard. Thinking back it's also an aspect of design I've noticed and enjoyed in many martial arts movies as well. For me, the whole...

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