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I love WordPress and have been using it to build mobile responsive business websites for quite some time. Allow me to help you focus on growing your business by taking care of day-to-day website maintenence tasks, content publishing and website optimization. I can even teach you to run your own website and put you in charge of your mobile friendly marketing machine.

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About My Webmaster Services

Website Management Designed to Support Your Business

Simplifying Technology

Simplify the task of running your business by allowing me to manage your website and keeping it running optimally so that you can spend more time on doing business and less time learning to manage a website.

Cost Savings

If you need help keeping your website up to date and running smoothly but don’t wish to incur the high costs of hiring a full-time web geek, my freelance webmaster services can help you do just that.


Dedicated Support

I’m always here when you need help. My freelance webmaster services provide you with unlimited support via Skype, phone or email 24/7/365 so your website stays up to date and  runs smoothly.


Webmaster Services Overview

Below You'll Find a Small Selection of Webmaster Services

Website Planning

If you need to revise existing or launch new websites, I can help you plan and execute a strategy for engaging your marketplace and growing your business.


  • Website architecture planning.
  • Website functionality upgrades.
  • Web design planning.
  • Website re-designs
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Web Production

Let me help your business develop and implement marketing campaigns that are proven to get results while optimizing common web production tasks.


  • Content production.
  • Workflow management.
  • Campaign development.
  • Landing page designs.
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Website Maintenence

My website maintenance and management services can help you avoid the high costs associated with hiring new employees to manage your website.


  • Content updates.
  • Content optimization.
  • Website updates.
  • Plugin updates.
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WebMaster Services Packages & Pricing

For businesses with budgets large or small, I provide a series of webmaster support packages designed to help you build, manage and maintain your website/s.

WebMaster Starter

  • 1-10 Pages Supported
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Free Mobile Website
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Meetings
  • Standard Priority Response
  • 72 Hour Response Time *
  • Extra Web Consulting *
  • Web Development *
  • 5 Hours Allocated Monthly
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WebMaster Business

  • 11-30 Pages Supported
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Free Mobile Website
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Meetings
  • High Priority Response
  • 24 Hour Response Time *
  • Extra Web Consulting *
  • Web Development *
  • 10 Hours Allocated Monthly
  • Request a Quotation
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WebMaster Corporate

  • 31-75 Pages Supported
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Free Mobile Website
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Meetings
  • High Priority Response
  • 12 Hour Response Time *
  • Extra Web Consulting *
  • Web Development *
  • 30 Hours Allocated Monthly
  • Request a Quotation
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WebMaster Enterprise

  • 75+ Pages Supported
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Free Mobile Website
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Meetings
  • Top Priority Response
  • 6 Hour Response Time *
  • Extra Web Consulting *
  • Web Development *
  • 50 Hours Allocated Monthly
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WebMaster Services Created to Benefit You

Whether you’re a business big or small, I support them all. My webmaster service keeps your website running optimally 24/7/365.

Experienced WordPress Webmaster

My extensive experience with WordPress allows me solve your website management problems quickly and easily.

Quick Content Updates

Stop wasting time labouring over your text updates, let me publish and optimize your new content on one easy step.

Recurring Plugin Updates

Ensure that your website functionality is always at it’s best by allowing me to make sure that your plugins are continually updated, fully integrated and functioning optimally.

WordPress Optimization

The upside to making use of my webmaster services is that I optimize your content for organic rankings before publishing so your message reaches the widest possible audience.

Regular Backups

Regular backups of your site files and databases ensure rapid retreival of information in the case of an emergency or hacked website.

Quick Media Updates

Put your best foot forward every time with sharp, web-optimized graphics produced by a veteran designer.

Recurring Security Updates

Thwart hacking attempts and eliminate spam comments with continually refined security measures and by keeping your hardware and software up to date.

Unlimited Support

WordPress is flexible, but with that comes new challenges. My webmaster services include unlimited support so we can solve your problems together, whenever they occur.

Take Control of Your Website Today!

Unsure about which solution is right for you? Request a free webmaster services quotation to discuss your maintenance requirements today and let’s make managing your website a pleasure, not a chore.

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Webmaster F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Webmaster Services
What is a Webmaster?

The term Webmaster is a general reference to multi-disciplined specialists responsible for the smooth operation of a successful website. Webmaster is an expert at executing website maintenance tasks and other essential tasks such as website optimization, troubleshooting and content updates.

My freelance WordPress Webmaster Service allows my clients to keep their websites updated and running smoothly without the need to pay expensive hourly rates or hire a additional part-time employee to handle website maintenence.

Why is maintenance important?

Keeping your website updated with relevant and accurate content is crucial to engaging your visitors, keeping your users informed and ultimately, running a successful website that contributes positively to your business objectives.

I can help you maintain your website and keep your users engaged by making website updates a quick and easy task. I’ll even help you optimize your website for better rankings and conversions.


You're in Costa Rica, how does that work?

Although I am based in Costa Rica, I manage websites located all over the world, from Texas to London. I make sure that I am always available for questions and support via email, Skype or over the phone. I like to make sure that my webmaster services provide a reliable, experienced, single point of contact for building, maintaining and promoting a successful business website.

How do we start working together?

All that’s needed for us to start working together is for you to contact me via my email form and provide some basic information about your website maintenence requirements. From there I’ll schedule a Skype call so we can have a face to face discussion regarding your project and your requirements so that I can tailor-make your website management proposal.

Let me show you how keeping a website updated and running smoothly can be affordable, and doesn’t require you to hire additional employees or pay high hourly rates for support.


How does the website maintenence process work?

Once you accept my webmaster services proposal, I’ll create a monthly calendar of important tasks which need to be completed and also schedule weekly meetings to get your input on content updates which are required. At the end of every month I’ll review the calendar and update as required so we can continue keep your site running like clockwork and incorporate any new items for production.


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My WebMaster service rates are dependant on the specific features your project requires as well as the number of pages. WebMaster service quotes can be more or less than the estimates stated above depending on your final project specifications; I make a great effort to work with every client to develop a fully customized WebMaster service agreement to meet your budget.

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